Plenary Speakers

Professor Brian Tomlinson
University of Anaheim, California

Brian Tomlinsonhas worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, film extra, football coach and university academic in Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, UK, Vanuatu and Zambia, as well as giving presentations in over seventy countries. He is Founder and President of MATSDA (the international Materials Development Association), an Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Liverpool, a Professor at the Shanghai International Studies University and a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University. He has over one hundred publications on materials development, language through literature, the teaching of reading, language awareness and teacher development, including Discover English (with Rod Bolitho),Openings, Materials Development in Language Teaching, Developing Materials for Language Teaching, Research for Materials Development in Language Learning (with Hitomi Masuhara), Applied Linguistics and Materials Development andSLA Theory and Materials Development for Language Learning. He has just co-authored with Hitomi Masuhara The Complete Guide to the Theory and Practice of Materials Development for Language Learning, which was published by Wiley in June 2017.

Professor Hossein Farhady
Yeditepe University

Hossein Farhady is a former associate professor of applied linguistics at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in Tehran. He received his MA in TESL and PhD in Applied Linguistics from UCLA in 1978 and 1980, respectively. His major area of interest is research on various aspects of language assessment.
He has taught courses on language testing, research methods, and ESP at the MA and PhD levels for the last four decades in Iran, Canada, Armenia, and USA. He has also presented papers in national and international conferences and has widely published on the issues related to language testing. He has published more than 10 books and 50 articles on various topics in applied linguistics in general and in language assessment, in particular. He has directed MA programs in TEFL, two nationwide research projects on EFL/EAP education in Iran, and supervised over 60 MA and PhD theses. He has also directed several test development and test validation projects in Iran and other places in the world.
He retired in 2006, moved to US, and worked as a senior scholar and project manager for organizations such as Ordinate and Lidget Green Corporations in California, Avant Assessment, and Second Language Testing, Inc., in Rockville, Maryland. From 2008 to 2010, he worked as the associate dean of the Department of English Programs at the American University of Armenia. He has also directed projects related to the scoring of Pearson’s new automated language proficiency test and validating Versant test, and received grants from Pearson, ETS, and ILTA.

Professor Belma Haznedar
Boğaziçi University


Belma Haznedar is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Bilingualism at Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Education, Istanbul.  She completed her MA and PhD studies at the University of Durham, UK, specializing on childhood bilingualism. Her research focuses on questions that bring together linguistics and language teaching. She is internationally known for her studies of simultaneous and successive bilingual children; for her investigation of mother-tongue development, bilingual language acquisition in early childhood and reading acquisition. Details of her recent edited books are as follows:
1.      Haznedar, B. & Gavruseva, E. (2008). Current Trends in Child Second Language Acquisition: A Generative Perspective. 363 pages.Amsterdam. John Benjamins.
2.      Haznedar, B. & Uysal, H.H. (2010). Handbook for Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners in Primary Schools. 374 pages. Ankara: Anı Publications.
3.      Haznedar, B. & Ketrez, N. (2016). The Acquisition of Turkish in Childhood. 416 pages. Amsterdam. John Benjamins. Copyright © 2015-2016 - All Rights Reserved